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Bali, an Island of Gods Which Has a Lot of Spiritual Excitements



Spiritual excitements you can do in Bali are very miscellaneous. As one of the most visited recreational islands in the world, Bali allows you to find spiritual excitements from its nature, people, and of course, culture. You can explore everything in Bali, and it is not impossible for you to be changed by what you have experienced in there. Balinese nature and culture hold a very high role in the spiritual excitements you will get after you get home from Bali.

Beaches and Other Natural Attractions in Bali

First and foremost, people come to Bali because it has so many beautiful natural attractions to enjoy while you are in need of a refreshment from your distressing daily routine. Beach, as one of Bali’s most visited spots, comes first in the list of its natural attractions. Visiting Bali without visiting its beaches will be a shame. The fact is that in Bali, the beaches are amazingly diverse. But how you can find spiritual excitement only in Balinese beaches? Well, to see what each of the beaches is great for, you will already find what you need.

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Going to beaches is for some people a simple way of healing oneself as a spiritual journey. Relaxing over the white sand beaches while watching the sun sets or rises can create a perfect refreshment for both your mind and soul. You will see and realize how amazing the setting in the beaches every morning and evening in Bali. Surfing in certain beaches in Bali that have a proper wave is also a kind of a spiritual thing to do because while you are surfing, you can challenge yourself and enjoy the sea to the fullest.

Another thing is exploring the fresh air setting in some of the best Balinese spots like Ubud and Kintamani. In Ubud, you can talk a walk in the rice fields that are abundant in that place while in Kintamani, you can ride a bike and enjoy the scenery while playing with Balinese authentic dogs. Fresh air can stimulate your mind and soul to make you feel happy and refreshed.

Culture in Bali as a Spiritual Excitement

The rich culture in Bali compels the tourists to explore even more spiritual attractions in there. Balinese spiritual healers whose skills include holistic healing and meditation are those people who believe in culture as a spiritual thing everyone should always find important. They use their spiritual healing to share to the tourists what it is like to be in union with the mind, soul, culture, and nature.

Taking yoga classes in several Balinese temples can also be an alternative source of refreshment in solitude. Sometimes in certain temples, you will also enjoy the bittersweet story from Balinese traditional dancing where the good and evil take part in every dancing show. Well, at last getting yourself exhausted to find the best organic culinary in the place which has a rich culture will not make you feel exhausted at all, because after all, to eat some excellent culinary there is nothing but the least spiritual thing to do to excite yourself in Bali.

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