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Note :
1. If you would like to book Bali Agung Tour in Bali, please do contact us direct rather than asking hotel receptions, etc. If you do book through your hotel reception, please be aware to also confirm the booking directly with Our Office (office Hour), to ensure you are actually getting the ‘Balibuddy’ !
2. Thank you for helping small local owned business and local economy
3. Have plan doing something to help Bali ? If you have used clothes you don’t wear or books please bring them over so we can donate them to the people in Bali or  to orphanage. Thank You !

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Agung – Balibuddy
Founder of Bali Agung Tours
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Bali Agung Tour

My name is Agung - Professional Tour Driver & Guide

Bali Agung Tours, a Truly Balinese hospitality. Meet local people who are keen to share their knowledge and expertise about this wonderful island. We hope that when you leave Bali, you will have a better understanding of this Island and its people. Meet and travel with trusted and reliable Balibuddy #1, freeze memories in Bali island with us; there’s always some part of this island that needs to be explored. ~Let’s explore the magic of Bali isle ~