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Bali Ancient Temples and Waterfall Tour



Ancient Temples  and Tegenungan Waterfall tour provides an excellent blend of cultural exploration, natural beauty, and relaxation, making it a must-do experience for anyone visiting Bali. It’s a journey that allows you to connect with Bali’s rich history and its breathtaking natural wonders.


Bali Tour Program:Starts 08:30 am

  1. Batubulan Village : Watch Barong & Keris Dance, the most popular Balinese cultural show
  2. Tegenungan Waterfall  : Scenic Valley & waterfall Village
  3. Kemenuh Village  : Home of  Fine wood carving village ( Artist home studio)
  4. Gunung Kawi Temple  : Gunung Kawi is an ancient archaeological site located in Tampaksiring, Bali, Indonesia. It is famous for its impressive rock-cut shrines and memorials, which are carved into the face of a cliff and surrounded by lush rice terraces and jungle
  5. Tirta Empul Temple: Tirta Empul Temple, also known as Pura Tirta Empul, is a Hindu Balinese temple located in the village of Tampaksiring in central Bali, Indonesia. This temple is renowned for its sacred spring water and is a significant site for purification rituals and religious ceremonies.
  6. Goa Gajah Temple : is a historical and archaeological site located in the Gianyar Regency of Bali, Indonesia. It is a significant cultural and religious attraction on the island and is known for its ancient rock carvings, cave structures, and serene surroundings.
  7. Ubud : Colony of Artist 
  8. Back to Hotel 


What To bring : 
Modest cloth, hat, camera, money, sun glasses and sun screen.

Include :  English speaking bali driver, comfortable Air conditioned car, petrol, mineral water and parking ticket. 


Tour Rate : U$ 60/Car Max.4 Person 

Other Information :

  • Tour Duration 10-12 hours
  • Private Tour
  • This activity is not recommended for anyone with impaired physical mobility
  • This program flexible might adjust based on preferance
  • Licensed tour guide (english, spanish,  Mandarin, german, etc)  available on request and extra charge will apply.



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