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Made, Young Master Healer in Ubud. Plan a Visit ?



Have you ever heard the word medicine man or spiritual healer?

Indonesia has many different cultures, and Bali is one of the places that the culture remains one of its best attractions. Medication can also be classified as a result of one’s culture, and in Balinese culture, there are ways to heal sick people according to the beliefs that they hold. Balinese Priests, mostly playing the role as the healers too, depends on how they transfer energy into the sick persons to heal them. These spiritual healers are mostly the residents of Ubud. There are many ways they do to transfer their energy, three of them are through healing massage, yoga, and meditation.
Healing massage heals its patients with a massage therapy transferring the energy through massaging with meridian techniques. Using all of the essential yoga techniques, spiritual healing process through yoga that is popular in Ubud operates through the balance of physic and mental. This kind of method somewhat believes that the peace of mind can bring positive results to the physical instrument of oneself. The third spiritual healing method in Ubud is meditation. Three hours of combining massage and yoga is one thing people can use if they feel there is something wrong with themselves.

Made Lunas

He was born and raised within the beautiful and serene traditional Tengkulak Village, Near Ubud. He has been helping local Balinese people for over 15 years and now he open his house to non-residentals of many different nationalities. Traditional healers are basically the community doctors for Bali’s villagers. They are the people who gets the advantages of god spiritual field, most of us help people to heal themselves through spiriutal road. Everyone has problems, complaints against health and curiosity about the future. Made Lunas is one of those master in traditional healing. Made Lunas is now open his house for public public. He try to help other peoples through spiritual, He open his house to the public and people who want to do the healing.

What can you expect when you consult with Made Lunas ?

  • Palm reading
  • Medicinal remedies
  • Health problem
  • Emotional healing
  • Character readings
  • Aura cleansing


What will you get When you meet Made Lunas ?

  • relaxing,
  • happiness
  • serenity
  • Healing
  • he can help to answer all your questions and make you feel stress free


Why you you should meet Made Lunas ?

I Made Lunas” is a young respected medicine man, born and raised within the beautiful and serine traditional Tengkulak Village. He has been helping local balinese people for over 15 years and has now opened his home to non-residenta of many different nationalities. “Made” believes in “Good Karma” and uses his gift to heal, help and guide people through many different life journey.Who Made is : Medicine Man, Spiritual Guide, Clairvoyant,Spiritual Medium. To see Made, yo need to make an appointment as he have many clients to see.

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