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My Spiritual and Cultural Experience in Ubud, Bali



My spiritual and cultural experience in ubud, Bali. No matter what your religious/spiritual background is, cultural ideals, or where you come from, this is absolutely an experience I recommend! I can’t help but smile thinking of the entire day. To Be honest, I went into this experience with simple expectations “see a temple, learn a cultural custom, have a chat with a local healer e.g. be a tourist” but this experience was much much more than this and one of the more memorable moments of my stay in Bali. This is an experience where you encounter the kindness of the Balinese people, balance and spirituality of the culture, and a connection to people and nature. Thank you, Agung for hosting! Our guide, Agung embodies what you’ll find amazing about Bali — the culture and kind, positive spirit of the local community. He will guide you through each step of the experience (including any nuances of ritual practice, clothing, etc to ensure you’re being respectful of the temple and culture), he will explain the intentional aspects of each ritual and what it means to the Balinese locals plus homage to their ancestors, as well as historical understanding of the temple and surroundings. He reminds you to keep your heart and mind present to connect with the entire experience. He has a wonderful natural curiosity of people and the places they come from and made the conversations interesting throughout the entire day, while also learning and sharing his perspective. I shared this experience with two women from Australia (and I was coming from the States) which made this even more interesting to chat with them and get to know the group. It was cool to see us all coming together while from different places and parts within our own travels. I’m keeping my review on the Healer simplified because everyone’s experience will be unique to their own 1-1 conversation with the Healer, but I will say I was pleasantly surprised and incredibly delighted by my conversation (even as a bit of a skeptic myself)! It’s 100% something I’ll remember as well and highly recommend doing this as part of the experience you take home with you. Overall, I can’t say enough how positive this was for me . Logistics: Agung offers additional individual pick-up at your hotel or resort with a small additional cost of 250K (need to pay in cash, there is one ATM at the temple if you forget cash or run out and while tipping is not required, nor an expectation, I ended up tipping at the end of the day because it was such a positive experience). The driver that picked us up was incredibly nice and hangs out with the group for the entire day (driving you to each location) and offers drop-off at individual locations at the end (keep in mind this can be time-consuming depending on how large your group is, luckily our group was small which made the experience better). The way the day is designed is to…Spiritual Trip in Ubud HERE <–

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