Breakfast with Orang Utan – White Water Rafting – Spa Tour

Breakfast with orangutans and rafting programs in Bali are exciting and memorable experiences that allow you to connect with nature and adventure. unforgettable wildlife experience. Tour Program: Starts 07:00 – 07:30 am Depends on your hotel location.  Highlights Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of orangutans as you enjoy a gourmet breakfast in their natural […]

Primitive Trunyan Village and Tradition Tour

Explore the enigmatic and untouched world of the Trunyan village on the eastern shore of Bali’s Lake Batur. This unique cultural tour offers a captivating journey into the heart of Trunyan’s ancient traditions and mystical customs. Bali Tour Program: Starts 09:00 am Batuan Village: Traditional Bali House Compound & Painting Kemenuh Village: oberserve family home wood carving studio Penelokan […]

Batur Volcano and Mother Temple Tour

This tour provides a wonderful blend of natural beauty and cultural exploration, offering participants a chance to immerse themselves in the rich traditions and stunning landscapes of Bali Island. Bali Tour Program: Starts 08:30 am Batubulan Village : Most popular dance in Bali, Barong and Keris dance Elephant cave  Temple : also known as the Elephant Cave, […]