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Top 5 The Most Instagrammable Places in Bali



No wonder Bali is always being the most visited places by travelers and won several award from megazine and reputable tourism forum, it’s because Bali offers the hottest Instagram spots. If you are looking for the next spots to give you the most photogenic photos, look no further than Bali!

Check below for our top 5 recommendations of The Most Instagrammable Places in Bali!

1. Lempuyang Temple
Aside from being a holy place, Lempuyang Temple has its own uniqueness like its natural purity, especially the forest area that is not yet so touched that the beauty of the valleys and coast of East Bali looks amazing. Tropical trees thrive and fit into the lungs of the Gods Island. It also has special charm for many tourists. This temple consists of seven temples with unique architectural designs and high artistic value. To go to the main temple you must climb the stairs first as many as 1700 pieces. Visitors mostly visit the gate of Lempuyang Temple and called it “Gate of Heaven”. With its background, the view of Mount Agung is right in the middle of the gate. That is truly amazing!

2. Tirta Gangga Water Palace
The name Tirta Gangga literally means ‘water from the Ganges’. Hence Tirta Gangga Water Palace Bali is a maze of pools and fountains. Surrounded by beautifully kept gardens and many stone carvings and statues.The scenery of Tirta Gangga Water Palace is beautiful with breathtaking views surrounded and the climate is relatively cool. Tirta Gangga Water Palace offers a unique mix of Balinese and Chinese architecture. The grounds of the water garden (ca 1.2 ha), consists of three separate complexes each with ponds and many sculptures. The complex on the lowest level has two large ponds and a water tower. At the second complex (middle level) are the swimming pools. The second level houses the main complex with the country home of the former King.

3. Tukad Cepung Waterfall
Tukad Cepung Waterfall still remains as the best virgin waterfall of Bali. Unlike any other waterfalls in Bali, Tukad Cepung Waterfall does not flow into a river, stream or jungle, but it flows gently down the cliffs. The river can be seen from up above, meanwhile the waterfall can only be viewed once you walk down the stairs and into the cliff. Don’t forget to bring additional clothes when you are coming, the water is super clean and refreshing!

4. Jungle Swing at Kumulilir
The next place you should visit is Kumulilir for its Jungle Swing. Experience incredible jungle views, exciting adventure and inspirational environment at Kumulilir!

5. Herbal Tea and Coffee Tasting
Last but not least enjoy one of the most soothing places accompanied by the breezes and surrounded by green areas. The rice terraces got to be one of the most favorite things about Kumulilir, it’s a view that never gets old. In this place, you also can try herbal tea and coffe. Don’t forgert to try the most expensive coffee in the world, Luwak coffee (Cat Poo Chino) coffee!


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