Batur Volcano and Mother Temple Tour



This tour provides a wonderful blend of natural beauty and cultural exploration, offering participants a chance to immerse themselves in the rich traditions and stunning landscapes of Bali Island.

Bali Tour ProgramStarts 08:30 am

  1. Batubulan Village : Most popular dance in Bali, Barong and Keris dance
  2. Elephant cave  Temple : also known as the Elephant Cave, is a historical and archaeological site located in the Gianyar Regency of Bali, Indonesia. It is a significant cultural and religious attraction on the island and is known for its ancient rock carvings, cave structures, and serene surroundings
  3. Kintamani : Having lunch while enjoying amazing Volcano and Lake Batur View
  4. Besakih : The Amazing temple, mother of all temples in Bali
  5. Kerta Gosa : also known as Kertha Gosa, is a historical and cultural landmark located in the town of Klungkung, in the eastern part of Bali, Indonesia. It is renowned for its unique architectural design and historical significance.


What To bring :
Modest cloth, hat, camera, money, sun glasses and sun screen.

Include :

  • English speaking bali driver,
  • Comfortable Air conditioned car, petrol, mineral water and parking ticket.


Tour Rate : U$ 75/car Max. 4 Person 



Other Information :

  • Tour Duration 12 hours
  • Private Tour
  • This activity is not recommended for anyone with impaired physical mobility
  • This program might adjust based on preferance
  • Licensed tour guide (english, spanish,  Mandarin, german, etc)  available on request and extra charge will apply.

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