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Wear Mask or Get Fined – Bali New Normal Update !



Bali is not reopening for international tourism as planned by 11th September 2020 and it will remain closed until at least the end of 2020. The decisions made due to the number of coronavirus cases in Indonesia, including Bali rise day by day and the local transmission is not getting low. Beside, Indonesia is also observing the international situation, and travelers are not allowed to depart from their home countries. Everyone is optimistic that Bali will reopen for international tourism by this month, however we have to wait and see what will happen next. In fact, our government now implements CHS program (Cleanliness, Health, and Safety) to top destinations in order to welcome international travelers after pandemic.

Recently, the governor of Bali issues governor regulation No. 46 year 2020, don’t wear mask will be fined IDR 100,000. This regulation is concerning of increasing discipline and law enforcement of health protocols in the prevention and control of corona virus disease. Fines will be even tougher for businesses that do not enforce the new law with their employees. If a business is caught with employees not wearing masks, they will face an initial fine of IDR 1,000,000. In addition, there are also local sanctions for those who are not wearing mask.

The current situation in Bali now is much controlled. Tourist destinations and beaches are already open. A number of restaurants, bars, and hotel have opened again. Domestic tourists come to Bali gradually, but the situation is not the same. Personally, it seems not a lot of people are keen to be in holiday. Mostly people are still scared come to other places, and another reason is stuck on global economy. In fact, Bali is returning to its root which is into agriculture, it can be seen nowadays people move to their village for a while and start paying more attention to the environment. However, tourism is still the backbone of Bali, we are still hoping we can get through this situation. Although it is sad but we have to see the situation with different perspective, in which we have to adapt quickly in order to get the solutions for the problem. We really hope the vaccine will be available as soon as possible, so we can meet you again in Bali! Stay safe and healthy!


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